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Preserving, Managing & Growing your Family’s Assets

At Finaegis, our DNA is about providing the most bespoke, discrete and thorough family (financial+fiduciary) care that you deserve. A holistic approach to Family Wealth enables the creation of a Family Legacy that not only provides for your family, but also demonstrably maintains your values and vision across future generations.

    • Wealth & Assets
    • Tax Efficiency. Legal Advisory & Liability Protection
    • Trust & Estate Planning, Execution and Administration
  • Comprehensive Risk Management

  • Hedge Strategy

  • Niche Funds

  • Alternate Investment Strategies

  • Private Equity

  • Retirement Planning

  • Tax Efficiency Strategy

  • Taxation Implementation Services

  • Will & Bequeathments

  • Legal Advice

  • Compliance Services

  • Rights and Contracts Management

  • Estate Planning

  • Succession Planning

  • Private Trusts

  • Business Liability Protection

  • Differently Abled Trust & Planning

  • Philanthropy Services

Our Principals bring an oversight and quality review that ensures the right fiduciary decisions protect our clients best interests. Along with our Completely Independent Ombudsman, this demonstrates our complete commitment to trustworthy decisions and absolute transparency for you.  Our Private Wealth offerings gives you assistance with complete Financial Asset Strategies, including select opportunities in Niche and Alternative Investment Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate Investments and Hedge Strategies, all the while ensuring a Comprehensive Risk Management that is tailored to your taste.

As Tax considerations affect virtually every financial decision, we integrate Tax planning into all Wealth planning, bearing in mind not only short-term benefits, but also the long-term tax impact.  Periodic tax-planning reviews, cash flow impact and consideration of alternative financial structures that deliver tax advantages are all routine ways in which we bring in tax efficiency.
A rich legacy also demands considerable estate planning and administration. We can help you review your existing documents, integrate your estate plans with tax, investment, business and insurance planning, identify the most beneficial trust structures for your particular needs and design tax-efficient wealth transfer strategies. Our Trust Administration services assist with Trust planning, registration, establishment and management. We can help in appointing Trustees, Co-Trustees, Executors or Agents for Executor or play those roles ourselves, if you so desire.
We can also help you chart your your philanthropic goals, advise on business succession strategies and support family wealth education. We have over 80 years of collective experience to help you design, build and execute a family office resulting in risk-managed growth for your family.
If you would like to explore how we can work together in clarifying and optimising your family investment objectives, reach us at office@finaegis.co